Brisbane has a great climate, but it’s not so great for your car therefore paintwork protection is essential. In Brisbane cars are exposed to UV rays, extreme heat or rainfall, humidity, acidic animal droppings, tree sap, and grit and dirt from roads. These factors cause fading, scratches and can leave car paintwork dull and oxidised very quickly. We recommend using a paint protector to preserve and protect your paintwork by creating a durable exterior seal that delivers an unbelievable shine and the ultimate protection. Our choice of protector has self-cleaning properties and breaks down dirt and grime resulting in effortless maintenance for the future. Our choice of the best product in the market (Swissvax), combined with our expertise in paint protection ensures you achieve the ultimate appearance and protection for your vehicle.

Paint Protection Valet

  • Full body car wash using Swissvax Car Bath
  • Wheels and arches washed
  • Interior fully vacuumed
  • Windows cleaned using Swissvax Crystal
  • Tyres dressed using Swissvax Pneu/Pneu Glossy
  • Interior vents, dashboard and centre console cleaned
  • Paintwork given a high-gloss finish using Swissvax’s own Liquid Wax, Nano Express

    Paint Protection Detail

  • Full Detail car wash
  • Three-stage paint protection process applied
  • Road residual is removed from the paintwork using a clay bar
  • Fine scratches removed using a Swissvax Cleaner Fluid Professional & buffing machine
  • Layer of a Swissvax Shield Wax is applied for a mirror-shine and protection

    Full Paint Correction Detail

  • Full Paint Protection Detail and Full Interior Detail using  Swissvax products (leather & vinyl treatment)
  • Wheels cleaned and waxed
  • Wheel arches cleaned and dressed
  • Paint correction using compounds as required